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Learn to Swim

Have you always wanted to learn to swim but never had the opportunity? Did you have a negative or frightening experience in the water when you were younger that prevented you from wanting to try again? You’re not alone! About one third of adults in the United States can’t safely swim the length of a pool. We’re trying to change that. Students will be provided the knowledge needed to make swimming for fitness and safety a lifelong sport.

adult swim class

Learn Basic Swimming Skills

Adults enrolled in this class learn basic swimming skills necessary to be safe in and around water. The beginning swimmer is introduced to breath control, front & back float, kicking, treading water, freestyle and backstroke. Intermediate swimmers are taught all four swim strokes with an emphasis on technique and endurance.

  • Small group size
  • 45 minute sessions
  • Certified U.S. Masters swimming adult learn to swim instructors
  • Classes taught in a patient and reassuring atmosphere
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Swimming Saves Lives Foundation

Proud recipient of the Swimming Saves Lives Foundation
Proud recipient of the U.S. Masters Adult Learn to Swim Grant


​​I have taken the Adult Learn to Swim courses at the Ahwatukee Community Center. We learned four swim strokes and shallow diving in deep water. We were not only learning to swim, we were also getting a great workout! I highly recommend the class for anyone who wants to learn to swim ​and improve their swim strokes. It was fun!

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