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​Summer Recreational Program

The Ahwatukee “Tidal Waves” is a summer recreational swim team for ages 6 to 18 years old. Participation in our swim program teaches the sport of swimming in a relaxed and fun environment! Our highly qualified coaches strive to make this a positive and memorable experience for all swimmers on the team.

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Tidal Waves

Ages 6 - 8 Years
The goal is for all Tidal Wave swimmers to become proficient ​in all four strokes as well as learn sound workout habits.

Junior Group

Ages 10 - 12 Years
The focus is training the individual goals of each swimmer whether it's competitive, cross-training, or looking to join!

Senior Group

Ages 13 - 18 Years
The focus is to provide a summer non-competitive conditioning program to promote wellness as well as maintaining a healthy ​lifestyle outside of the pool. Our highly qualified coaches strive to make this a positive experience for all swim team members!


Evaluation dates for the 2022 summer swim season will be announced soon!

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